Like Candy

LIKE CANDY DSC_6839 (Large)Hello Guys! How are you? Hope you are fine. Good to be back! I know I was a bit absent. As I told you to the previous post the reason of my absence was a much needed holiday. Thank you so much for following in all the social media and all your sweet comments. But now I am back! So about today’s post, I am keeping things minimal. Wearing cropped Jeans and a simple but super stylish grey tee. I have to tell you more about this tee. I got this from SheIn not a long time ago for only 9$. Loved the neckline, so simple but unique. But my complete surprice was when this piece of clothing arrived. AMAZING quality! The t-shirt feels like silk to my hands!You HAVE to check it OUT!  To complete the look I wore nude heels and handmade bracelets. My dear friend Antonia made these for me. They are a preview of her new collection. You can check out her store HERE. Don’t you love them? They look like candy!

(*outfit details at the end of the post, photo Credis Lia Torosyan Photography)

Γεια σας! Τι κάνετε; Ελπίζω να είστε καλά. Επέστρεψα. Ξέρω ήμουν λίγο εξαφανισμένη τον τελευταίο καιρό. Όπως σας είπα ο λόγος ήταν λίγες απαραίτητες διακοπές. Σας ευχαριστώ που ακολουθείτε στα Social Media όλον τον καιρό αλλά και για τα πολύ όμορφα σχόλια. Αλλά ήρθε ο καιρός να επιστρέψουμε. Σχετικά με το σημερινό ποστ. Τα πράγματα σήμερα είναι σχετικά απλά και minimal. Φοράω το λευκό cropped jean με ένα απλό γκρι μπλουζάκι. Να σας πω για αυτό το μπλουζάκι. Το πήρα από το SheIn πριν λίγο καιρό στην τιμή των 9$. Μου άρεσε πολύ η μπλούζα, η λαιμόκοψη είναι πολύ όμορφη. Αλλά ειλικρινά η έκπληξή μου ήταν ακόμη μεγαλύτερη όταν έφτασε, η ποιότητα της μπλούζας είναι απίστευτη. Είναι λες και πιάνεις μετάξι. Πρέπει να την ΔΕΙΤΕ. Για να συμπληρώσω το σύνολο έβαλα τα βραχιόλια που μου έφτιαξε η φίλη μου Αντωνία. Είναι  preview της νέας της κολεξιόν για το φθινόπωρο. Δείτε όλα της τις δημιουργίες ΕΔΩ. Δεν είναι σαν καραμελάκια?

(*λεπτομέρειες και λινκ για τα ρούχα στο τέλος του ποστ, photo Credis Lia Torosyan Photography)

LIKE CANDY DSC_6864 (Large)LIKE CANDY DSC_6886 (Large)LIKE CANDY DSC_6832 (Large)LIKE CANDY DSC_6879 (Large)LIKE CANDY DSC_6829 (Large)LIKE CANDY DSC_6845 (Large) LIKE CANDY DSC_6882 (Large) LIKE CANDY DSC_6870 (Large)my outfit detais: White Cropped Jeans/ H&M Similar HERE, HERE and HERE

T-Shirt/ SheIn HERE (Only 9$) , Shoes/M&S limited collection(old) Similar HERE, HERE (SALE) and HERE

Sunnies/Emporio Armani Similar HERE and HERE, Bracelets / Secret Stories by Antonia HERE

Special thanks and photo credit to the amazing Lia Torosyan Photography


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How to Start your Blog

how to start your blogHello Guys! Hope you are fine. The Weekend Is closer than hang on a little more! Many of you who follow me know that I don’t have such a big experience in blogging. I feel that I need to learn more, read more, be more creative and there are so many things I have on my mind. But lately I get a lot of questions on How I started blogging, or why I started it or even If I could give some advice. So this is the reason I decided to write this post. I am not an expert on the subject but I feel that I could share the worries that I had or even some thoughts when I started blogging. And If some of you avoid the mistakes that I made in the process that is nice. So how do you start YOUR blog? In this post I’ll point the first things you should consider before getting your own blog.

1. Study.

You need to do that, you need to figure out what you want to do. Find the theme you want to blog about. In blogging and to be general online you can find anything and everything. Find out what you like. What are the subjects that you are interested in? Do you like fashion? Do you like home decoration?Do you like DIY? What is the subject that attracts you more or what are you passionate about? I know it is really difficult at first. I thought I could do everything (funny!) But think of this…How well you know the subject that you are intereted in? What do you want to say to the readers? Don’t get stressed about all theses questions. You just need to get started! Once you find your passion, just do some more research. If you are into blogging, I am sure you already know many bloggers and follow them. Check out how regular they post, what do they post about and what do you like more about their blogs. Gather all the details so you’ll know more of what you want when you’re about to start your blog.

2. Choose Platform.

In order to create your blog, you need to decide on which host website you want to create it with. There are many options out there, two big ones. Blogger and WordPress. I use WordPress and I love it. At first I was the free option , but you have to know that you are not completely free to do anything, so pay attention to this. This platform is more difficult than Blogger as far as I am able to know, but it is reliable and easy once you larn everything. You have more plugins you can choose from and there are so many things you can do once you get started.  I used to clik on every option to get what I wanted and even then sometimes a made terrible mistakes. You can do your own research , find the pros & cons for both platforms and then deside. I know some bloggers who started in one platform and then switched to the other. This is just messy!


Do I need to say more? Super careful about the name you choose! Remember you stick with it and has to represent you. If you choose the ”wrong name” remember that will be really difficult to change if you make up your mind. It has to be easy to remember simple and short. Keep it short 2-3 words max. If is is not something easy to remember would be really difficult for your readers to come back. You can choose something related to the theme of your blog, or something meaningfull for you. Or you can create the blog name around you, your name. Litterally brand you or  the blogger you (a persona). Google it, google the name you founf just to make sure you are the only one.

4.Social Media.

Once you have the perfect name for your blog, create all you social media accounts. You don’t have to use them if you are not sure, just reserve the username as soon as you know it.I recommend creating a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’ i resently created a Snapchat account but this is up to you.  If you find out that someone already has your blog’s name as their username on one or more of these sites, check to make sure it’s a personal account and not a blogger account. And since you’re doing this so early in the process, it’s still okay to start from scratch.

You can read about my Inspiration Secrets HERE along with 29 other beautiful bloggers just to get things started

Trust your voice and you’ll find your way. Don’t Hessitate!

If you like this post let me know so I can write more about Blogging. You can sent me your questions on or just comment below

Thank you so much for stopping by


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