Pink Lace

TDL-bluewall-5991-2I love dressing up for any reason. I love fancy kirts and lace tops (actually lace in general) . And when I saw this Zara top I knew I had to have it! It was so cheap and looks so fancy and polished. It was available in few colors but I got it in this powder pink. 


TDL-bluewall-6042Skirt // Top // Shoes TDL-bluewall-6050Skirt // Top // Shoes TDL-bluewall-6044  Skirt // Top // ShoesTDL-bluewall-6040Skirt // Top // ShoesTDL-bluewall-6053Skirt // Top // Shoes TDL-bluewall-6039Skirt // Top // Shoes TDL-bluewall-6026Skirt // Top // ShoesTDL-bluewall-5956Skirt // Top // Shoes TDL-bluewall-6019Skirt // Top // ShoesTDL-bluewall-5995SHOP THE POST

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Easy Summer Make Up

TDL-goshcometics-6216When it comes to make up I am not a complicated person. I want things that work and last ( I know so smart!). During Summer months I want a fresh vibrand look with builtable products. So to create this super easy and summery make up I used very few products. The foundation I used is the Gosh Foundation plus which is a concealer and foundation combo, very convenient for a person like me (I am so tired of using a million products). To add this summer glow I used the Lumi Drops, liquid highlighter. Very nice texture, so light that you can really buit it up according to you preferences. I used it on my cheek bone, my nose, forehead and the center of my lips. I didn’t use a lot since I have oily skin so I didn’t want to end up too shiny. I don’t use many eyeshadows only an eyeliner (I keep things so simple!) I used two mascaras to achieve my look. One for swirl and one for volume. My favorite mascara is the Rebel Eyes. I don’t have really long lashes but I have so many short and thick lashes that this brush is so perfect. I added the matte lipstick (matt but so moisturizing) and here it is!

TDL-goshcometics-6256 collagegosh2 TDL-goshcometics-6230 TDL-goshcometics-6237 collagegosh3 TDL-goshcometics-6245 collagegosh1 TDL-goshcometics-6257 TDL-goshcometics-6270TDL-goshcometics-6189TDL-goshcometics-6187 TDL-goshcometics-6259 TDL-goshcometics-6287thank you so much for stopping by!irene

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