2b2515efc178479b9d78e7070846f5c4When it comes to swimwear, every summer I need to get a new bikini, a new one piece. One piece is so in right now, you can find so many affordable and stylish swimwear. Here are a few of my favorite bikinis, one pieces and beach blankets!


Round Beach Banket // Pineapple beach Banket // Mandala print beach blanket



Red scalloped bikini // floral bikini //Striped Bikini

One Piece Swimwear


Floral One Piece // Red criss cross // Black one piece


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Wedding Gift Do’s and Don’ts

weddinggiftcollage I don’t know about you but when it comes to weddings I always find it so difficult to choose a gift. I always think that it has to be unique, practical or both! Even when a very close person is getting married I find it better to ask what they would like as a gift. If they have a wedding registry things are so much easier. Here are a few Do’s & Don’ts I follow.

DO think of the other person or their needs as a new couple:

Sometimes we get caught on the excitement and we buy something we really like withough thinking of the other person’s taste or style.

DO deside on your budget :

It’s so important to stick to your budget. I always deside according to how close I am with the happy couple. If they are really good friend of mine I always increase my budget and the opposite.

DO stick to the registry if there is one:

It’s so common for couple to have a wedding registry. I find this so usefull. I really love the one from Zola weddings & registry since except the usual gifts you can buy an Experience! If your friends like adventure or if they like food or everything you can think of you can find it in Zola. This is so unique and fun!

DON’T forget to shop on time:

I have last minute Ideas, last minute gifts. Be on time! You’ll have more options and you’ll be more relaxed and sertain you made the right choice.

DON’T forget to be happy and enjoy the wedding:

Gifts are so much fun and Zola makes everything so much easier! Do dress up and be present to your closest people’s moments.
TDL-loveflatlay-3762thank you so much for stopping by!

*thank you Zola for the collaboration.



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