This summer we will not only eat our favorite childhood treat, but also decorate our nails with it!

Judging by the fashion for charming bows, children’s braids, ponytails and other paraphernalia of the late 1990s, this summer we will want to bring back everything we loved so much in childhood.

So it’s no surprise that brightly colored ice cream nails are on their way to becoming the top nail trend of the hot 2024 season. Let’s find out why this design has become so popular right now, get inspired by bright ideas of the original french and learn how to repeat it at home.

Ice cream nails

What is ice-cream nails

According to the world’s nail experts, the popularity of the ice-cream French french was to be expected: the fashion this year for 3D manicure is to blame. Large and voluminous drops of varnish flowing down the velvety smoothness of the creamy coating look so realistic that you want to lick them off.

What else do fashionistas buy up manicure ice cream, in addition to the bright association with children’s delight from the summer treat? Its versatility (you’ll be surprised, but such a bright at first glance design perfectly combines with any outfit) and simplicity of execution.

To draw such beauty on your nails is not worse than in a beauty salon, you can even at home. In fact, it will be a light version of the familiar French, but more bright and relaxed. Stock up on lacquers in your favorite colors, a brush for nail design, glitter and start creating!

How to make ice cream nails at home

If you are thinking of decorating your nails with ice cream without the help of a nail-master, first imagine yourself as a pastry chef and create your unique dessert in your head: choose a flavor, complement the sweet treat with your favorite toppings and don’t forget about sprinkles!

The easiest option is to use nude shades for the base and choose brighter colors for the flocked tips. After applying and drying the base coat, draw drops of “ice cream” along the free edge of the nail.

It is better to start decorating the tips with vertical lines, and then round them to the bottom, creating a teardrop shape. In the end, connect the resulting drops with the help of smooth lines and fill the free space with lacquer. As a top you can use transparent lacquer with glitter, which will give your nails an even more festive look.

By Irene