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This Embroided Shirt Again, The 20$ MUST have!

TDL-Embroidered-4489This embroidered Shirt has been so easy to wear. I wore it with my red skirt in an other post HERE but since then I keep rewearing it, might sound wierd but this shirt is so easy to wear. Looks stylish and up to date. This embroidery is so in fashion so this $20 garment is this season’s must have. This is an outfit I wore the other day at work and later for dinner. All day outfit is my kind of thing! This time I wore it with my faux leather leggings. You know that these black leggings have been my ‘second skin’ , you’ve seen them a million times and it’s one pricey thing but…it’s all worth it. I still keep my OTK boots handy so here they are again!

Αυτό το κεντημένο πουκάμισο είναι τόσο ευκολοφόρετο, το φόρεσα πριν λίγες μέρες με την κόκκινη φούστα σε άλλο ποστ (δες το ποστ ΕΔΩ) και από τότε απλά το φοράω συνεχώς. Είναι πολύ στιλάτο και μοντέρνο. Τα κεντήματα είναι πολύ στην μόδα αυτή την σεζόν επομένως αυτό το οικονομικό πουκάμισο θα σας βγάλει ασπροπρόσωπες σε πολλές περιστάσεις. Το συγκεκριμένο σύνολο το φόρεσα από το πρωί στην δουλειά ως αργά για βόλτα και φαγητό έξω. Το φόρεσα με το ‘δερμάτινο κολάν’  που έχει γίνει δεύτερο δέρμα μου, το έχω φορέσει τόσο πολύ φέτος. Είναι ακριβό αλλά κορίτσια αξίζει! TDL-Embroidered-4471Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses

TDL-Embroidered-4476Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses TDL-Embroidered-4493Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses TDL-Embroidered-4467Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses  TDL-Embroidered-4483Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses TDL-Embroidered-4481Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // SunglassesTDL-Embroidered-4490Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses TDL-Embroidered-4477  Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses TDL-Embroidered-4470Shirt // Spanx Leggings (amazing!) // Sunglasses

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Instagram Lately (HUGE Round up!)


I have to tell you, This month has been so so crazy! so crazy in a good way. You know that I am going back and forth all the time, and I am so loving it. Skiing, day trips, endless coffees , time with favorite friends and the list goes on and on. I feel so lucky to be able to do all of this. Here are a few Instagram snaps and few pictures from my personal album! Hope you enjoy. IMG_2379Perfect weather for skiing. We are at the top of the mountain!IMG_2555A very Healthy brunch with my FriendsIMG_2475I’ve been on this dieat/nutrition and seems to be working. But…these Spanx faux leather pants are the best thing you can buy! ReallyIMG_2332No words….IMG_2473Happy after lunch.IMG_2041The best lemon tart I’ve had in a long time, the piece was masive!!!IMG_2182Ski outfit IMG_2385A quick Selfie of course
IMG_2038This street is just so prettyIMG_2587These sunnies are my obsession . (Find them HERE)IMG_2393Just like these Adidas….the only shoes I wear lately.
IMG_2020Attitude & all (Find this Tory Burch Bag HERE and the sunnies HERE)IMG_2370I had the best time, I feel so blessed. Do you guys ski?

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