It seems that all of us are familiar with this problem, when the shelf in the closet is overflowing with jeans, and you keep buying new ones – because you (well, naturally) still do not have the right pair for the exit. What are we going to do about it? Let’s discuss this season’s trendiest jeans, so you’ll know exactly what to wear!

Jeans – one of the most popular and universal things in the closet, which, it would seem, combines with almost everything. But that doesn’t mean you can buy one pair and hope that it will cover all your closet needs. There should be several jeans in your closet! There’s a reason why designers are always improving the styles, shades and density of fabric, adding a peppery touch to the everyday look.

But let’s get back to the pressing problem: what kind of jeans we need in the end. When choosing pants it is logical to focus on how they sit on the figure and how comfortable it is to move in them. Plus, we take into account the trends – what is in fashion now.

We combined both of these points and collected a list of the most stylish jeans of this season. Up-to-date and comfortable – how can you not buy them?

Skinny (but not skinny)

Everything new is the well forgotten old. And sometimes forgotten for good reasons….. Skinny jeans can be called one of the most controversial trends: they have indeed gone through fire and water to make a comeback in 2024.

Skinnies are increasingly common on the catwalks and in the fresh collections of trendsetter brands. Can they be worn? You can, as long as they are not tight jeans that look like leggings, but a hybrid of skinnies and straight jeans (also called cigarillos).

We sincerely advise you to avoid skinnies made of thin stretchy denim – it cheapens the image. To make your look looked relevant, and skinny jeans do not emphasize the shortcomings of the figure, it is important to properly style skinnies. Match them with a voluminous top: for example, a jacket with a masculine cut, which can be complemented with a belt at the waist, or a voluminous shirt with rolled-up sleeves (with it the image will look relaxed and careless).

Straight jeans

Yet another comeback, but from the 1990s. Straight jeans are a timeless classic, which is unlikely to lose its relevance ever. This model of jeans will perfectly emphasize the waist and sit, in general, on any silhouette, not tight legs. The straight shape of the pants visually lengthens and slims the legs, and also emphasizes the hips. All in all, good as can be!

The combination of jeans with a “shoulder” jacket, T-shirt, boat shoes and voluminous jewelry – a win-win, classic image that will suit any occasion, whether it’s a walk with a friend or work in the office. But we’d try on a sophisticated corset with our new jeans. Weather and mood permitting!

Light colored jeans

Cream-colored jeans are a definite masthead. We are not saying goodbye to dark shades for a long time, but summer, sorry, that’s summer to walk in light. And next fall, milk pants will come in handy: the combination of trench coat, jeans, dark brown Cossacks and striped shortened longsleeve looks elegant and feminine.

What to wear light-colored denim with now? It will make friends with any top, including a snow-white T-shirt with a cool undertone. Here is important not so much the color of jeans as the fit: to high, according to tradition, pick up shortened T-shirts and jackets, to low – medium-length tops. But we don’t keep you from experimenting: an oversize T-shirt, for example, is always a good idea.

Horseshoe jeans

And what really came out of the blue this season is horseshoe jeans. And they are not as simple as they seem!

Jeans of this shape do not correct the figure. On the contrary, they add volume. To “barrel” cut does not make your legs look fat, choose a model of pants on a high landing and with not too “forced” pants. Miniature girls should try on jeans that will close the ankles, otherwise they will visually cut the legs.

Horseshoe jeans

Jeans with prints

Spangles, bows, embroidery, rhinestones – all this is officially allowed in summer-2024. Pros: you will definitely be in the center of attention, the image will look glamorous and stylish, it will want to consider. Cons: discomfort (sometimes). Imagine that every time rhinestones will cling to something….. To avoid a second of discomfort, look for quality tailored jeans. Obvious? But fact.

We, for example, love grunge jeans: ripped, flamboyantly wide or wet effect models. How many different mood casual-images with them can be collected – wow!

By Irene