Every family has its own house rules – and even the British royal family is no exception. Here are some of the more unusual ones that royal children, including the offspring of Kate Middleton and Prince William, must follow.

They should accept gifts, but not keep them for themselves

When Prince George was just 18 months old, he received an astonishing 774 gifts in one year. In fact, seven times more than the Queen received in the same period. But the prince still can’t keep most of them. The fact is that the royal family has strict rules about what can and cannot be accepted. For example, from strangers, the monarchs can accept only flowers, books (if they are presented by the author himself and written on a neutral subject), as well as some small things not more expensive than 150 pounds sterling. The basic principle of this rule is that family members have no obligation to the giver.

They get their first etiquette lessons at the age of two years old

Just being born into the British royal family is not enough to have innate royal tact and behavior. That’s where etiquette training comes in handy.

Etiquette training for Kate and William’s children probably began as soon as they were able to attend events with their family. It will start with simple training, such as how to shake hands and curtsy, around the age of two

royal etiquette expert Mika Meyer revealed.

Their closet has a number of restrictions

Boys in the royal family must follow a special dress code. Until a certain age, they are not allowed to wear pants. For the first-born son of Kate and William, however, were made two exceptions – at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and at the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, he appeared in pants. In general, aristocrats are supposed to change into pants at the age of eight.

Trousers are reserved for older boys and men, while boy shorts are one of those unspoken markers of class that England has. Although times are slowly changing, a pair of pants on a boy indicates that he is middle class

commented etiquette expert William Hanson.

They were not allowed to eat store-bought baby food

When William and Kate were expecting their firstborn, an organic baby food brand gave the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla a box of ready-to-eat purees. Although Camilla graciously accepted the gift, the Queen’s former chef Darren McGrady told reporters that babies are unlikely to eat food from jars.

I’ve never seen packaged food from any of the royal babies. Why would they buy food when there are 20 personal chefs?

McGrady was once responsible for preparing meals for William and Harry. He said the princes’ first meal was steamed grated apples and pears, which were strained twice to remove any lumps.

When they got older, one cook in the kitchen would cook the chicken and the other cook the vegetables and then it would all be served together, so it was a real cooking operation,

the chef said.

By Irene